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Computers and Wi-Fi

There are 132 computer stations available for public use in the central wing (entrance level) and the Northern wing. Additionally, 13 computers can be found in the reading lounge in the Southern wing on level 0 and 27 computers are available for use in classroom 166 in the central wing on the first floor (the use of computers in classroom 166 is possible only when trainings do not take place). 4 multimedia stations are available for watching and listening to audio and video items at the reserved-media area which is located in the central wing.

8 portable computers and 5 tablets can be borrowed for use at the Circulation department for as long as 4 hours.

Students who wish to work on public computers within the university are welcome to the university's computer classrooms across campus. For your convenience, various computer programs are available on the computers in the different classrooms. 

Additional information: Access codes

How to print from your laptop?

1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

2. Send an e-mail to one of the following addresses: – for a one-sided black and white print job – for a two-sided black and white print job

Make sure the document/s you want to print is/are attached to the e-mail

3. After sending the print job, the system will send a response e-mail

4. Go to one of the printing stations with your print card

5. Locate your e-mail address on the print job screen and double click on it

6. You will see a list of the documents you sent to be printed. Make sure your print card is inserted before you double clicking on the document to be printed.

Please note that:

1. Each document you attach to your e-mail has a different name (the name of the document attached will be the name of the print job)

2. The documents will be deleted an hour after being sent



There are several wireless networks in the campus. More information is available on the computer and information systems division website. (in Heb.)

Computer stations in the central wing (entrance level)  13 computers can be found in the reading lounge in the Southern wing on level 0