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Library Discussion and Study Rooms

To check room availability and request your reservation click the link: Electronic online discussion room reservation system.

Please note: The library discussion rooms are high in demand.these rooms are for group use only and not for individual use. Please be punctual and arrive to a reserved room on time. A reserved discussion room will be held reserved for 15 minutes. If the reserver doesn't arrive during those 15 minutes the room will become available to other students.

Discussion rooms in the Southern wing (new wing):

5  modern discussion rooms are  available for use. Each room is completely soundproof and equipped with advanced multimedia software which enables screening from laptop. A laptop may be borrowed at the circulation department. The rooms located on the second floor of the Southern wing.

A list of rooms and number of seats:
- Room 134: 20 seats
- Room 142: 12 seats
- Room 236: 8 seats
- Room 237: 8 seats
- Room 241: 10 seats

Central wing discussion rooms (library entrance floor, reserved-media area): 

4 discussion rooms. Each room equipped with a computer screen and a personal computer outlet.
- Room 273:  8 seats
- Room 274:  8 seats
- Room 275: 12 seats
- Room 280: 12 seats

Northern wing discussion rooms, first floor:

- Room 170/1:  4 seats (previously room 001)
- Room 170/2:  2 seats (previously room 002)

PhD student rooms, floor 2.5 (at the end).  7 Cubicles:

These cubicles seat 1-2 people
- 288, 289, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294 (previously rooms 805-811)

Northern wing work rooms:

- First floor: at the end of the floor, near the books shelves beginning with the letter E. One room – 2 seats
- Group work rooms: 286-287

Library discussion room