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Photocopying and Scanning Machines

The new printing system

Link to create an account

Link to Account Settings - follow this link to charge your account using a credit card and see\reset your password (6 digit code).


The Copy Center offers additional services such as color photocopying and printing, document scanning, binding, lamination, and microfilm copying. Copy Cards may be purchased at the Copy Center on the central library wing. The cards can be utilized at any copy machine aound the library.  Tel. 04-8240272, internal - 2272

The photocopying service will be manned until 16:00. After that time, the room will be open for photocopying and scanning on a self-service basis. The microfilm machine will be locked. A machine for automatic payment is available next to the computer station for students with special needs.

Library photocopying machine location
Northern wing:

- On the first floor – at the Western end of the floor, near the restrooms.
- On the second floor – in the center of the floor, in the previous Copy Center.
- On the fourth floor – in the center of the floor, in the Northern part, in the previous Copy Center.

Central wing:

- In the Copy Center.

Southern wing:

- On level 0, in the journal hall.

Please note

In addition to a copy card, you may use your credit card at the public printing stations near the reference desk on the library entrance floor.

Microfilm and microfiche scanning

The ScanPro 2200 scanner is available for viewing and scanning microfilm and microfiche transparencies. The scanner is located at the reference desk and is connected to a computer, which enables printing of viewed pages as well as saving and emailing them.