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Digitzation and Preservation 

Digitization and Preservation in the Library

In the past few years, the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library at the University of Haifa has been involved in many digitization projects, including the theses and dissertations database, the research publications repository, The historical photographs of the Land of Israel collections, the Database for Israeli Theater Archives and more. The Library's cultural heritage preservation program is part of our digital library's continuous development, and of University of Haifa's vision of involvement in the community.

These digital collections are made available via the library's Digital Media Center, contributing to the research and instruction in the University and beyond it. Ensuring short and long term access to these materials, both for the academic community and the general public, is of great importance.

Before becoming accessible through dedicated content- and collection management systems, the materials are handled, documented, catalogs, and preserved by the Library, in accordance with international standards.

The preservation and accessibility processes enable researchers, students, experts and the general public to use the materials, in digital format, for assorted purposes, as reliable primary sources.

The library advises other academic libraries and companies in Israel, and is connected to important international institutions such as Eurepeana and the European Collected Library of Artistic Performance (ECLAP). The library has recently joined the Wikimedia GLAM project, working to make public-domain content from the local databases more accessible to the public for rightful use and distribution.


.For more information, please contact Ora Zehavi, Head of the Media department at the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library, at