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Library Policy

- Prof. Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan - Academic Director
- Mrs.  Naomi Greidinger - Library Director
- Dr.  Vardit Gerber- Head of Library Administration

The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library serves the staff and students of the University of Haifa in study, instruction and research. opening hours are announced on the Library's Web site. Library Policies and Procedures (in Hebrew)

Entrance to the Library is free to all, including high-school students from tenth grade and up. Children, accompanied by adults, may enter the Library after 15:00.

Circulation services are available from 08:00; Reference and Media services are available from 08:30.
Library services terminate 15 minutes before closing time. Changes in opening hours are announced on the Library's Web site, signs posted in the Library and on the electronic notice board.

The Library collection comprises some two million items, including:

books and periodicals - both printed and electronic
maps and cartographic materials
LP recordings
archival material 
photographs accessible via the Internet

The materials are located on open shelves and in special collections, most freely accessible. 
See also: Information on library collections and their locations and Information on new items added to the collection

The "OneSearch" system is available to assist patrons in locating research material. For full access to all the Library's databases, it is necessary to be connected to the University network, or to login to one's user account.

Orientation : Every new student is invited to a basic library orientation held during the week preceding the opening of the school year. Additional orientation sessions - introductory and others - take place during the school year. The Reference Department assists individuals and groups in learning to use Library resources effectively.

Items from the Library collection may be borrowed, by the patron in person, upon presentation of an identification document. There is no limit on the number of items that may be borrowed from most of the Library's collections. The loan period depends on the type of material and the patron's borrower status. It is important to return borrowed items on time. Borrowers with overdue items will be asked to return them, and will be charged a fine based on the time elapsed until the return. In the event of overdue items, an outstanding debt to the Library or University, or failure to return an item requested by another user, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the matter is resolved.

Notices from the Circulation Department may be received via electronic mail or SMS (service available for a fee). See also: Details about Circulation services

The Inter-Library Loan service supplies books and articles that are not found in the Library collection, from other Libraries in Israel and abroad. It is also possible to order books and articles from the Library collection for delivery by courier. Both these services require a fee.

In the Photocopying Center, one may purchase cards for use in the photocopy and scanning machines found throughout the Library. Additional services offered by the Photocopying Center include color photocopying and printing, scanning, burning to disc, and binding.

Visitors' services: Entrance to the Library is free to all, including high-school students from tenth grade and up. Most Library collections are freely accessible. Assistance from librarians in locating materials requires a fee.


In order to maintain reasonable conditions for study and research in the Library, patrons are requested to refrain from eating, drinking and making noise. Use of cell phones is prohibited; please turn them off before entering the Library. Patrons who violate these rules are subject to disciplinary action.